New Year Party 2019

Saint Elias Church New Year Party 2019

  Cocktail Starts at 6:30 PM. Doors open at 7:00 PM Dinner at 7:30 PM  (Plated beef and chicken combo)  (Chicken finger and fries for kids) Vegetarian meal upon request.  You will know your reserved table upon full payment starting 11/04/2018.  $130.00 every reservation after 12/20/2018  $109 a room per night including 2 breakfasts for reservation please call (303) 371-9494

Seat Chart

You will know your table’s number upon full

$125 VIP, $100 regular table, $50 kids

payment. Reservations start with numbers

1-8 VIP tables

9 - 27 Regular Tables

The only exception is to fill incomplete numbers within the table. Each table seats 10 people

Reserve your ticket today

At Crown Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center. 15500 East 40th Ave. Denver Co 80239

Saint Elias 2019 New Year Party

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